Rusty Rudder Bolts
Very unsightly and annoying on our four month old rudder.

A pair of 13mm spanners are needed to remove the two gudgeons.

The bolts undo easily enough, but what a mess!  I labelled each gudgeon with S for Starboard to ensure they are reassembled in the same order. 

One way of cleaning the rust away, if you have a few days -- soak the lot in Coke!
Otherwise, use a green scouring pad and some Cif to clean the surface rust off the gudgeons and the nuts and bolts.

The true culprits:  the stainless steel washers.  The bolts are stamped "Tigges" which is a German steel fabrication company with a factory in Malaysia.  Quality Control?

I used a mild abrasive rubbing compound to clean the rust stains without damaging the rudder's gelcoated surface.

All cleaned up and ready for re-assembly with new stainless steel washers.  Silicone sealant is inside the four boltholes.

Finished, clean and tidy and ready for sailing.