Repair to SB3 gunwhale

Crush damage to the gunwhale after a collision.  Blob at right is an earlier quick repair by someone using filler.  We'll tidy that up.

Underneath the gunwhale, where deck and hull are joined.  The pink stuff is a methacrylate bonding material, used to glue to deck and hull together.  It is rather thick, and has cracked under impact.

A Dremel tool is used to grind away the damaged delaminated glass and the cracked filler.

Another view from below.

Green tape has been applied to define a working area.  Polyester resin with strings of glass fibre has been catalysed.  Plastic sheet is used to form and press the mix into the damaged void.

Waiting for it to set, 30-40 minutes.

Sanded smooth, cleaned with acetone, ready for gelcoat.

Vela Grey gelcoat mixed and ready for application with a small brush.

Gelcoat applied, wait to dry, then sand smooth.

First layer of gelcoat sanded...then a second layer painted on.

Second layer sanded smooth...I will need a third layer to touch up, the original factory layer is rather thin in spots.

View from underneath the gunwhale.