Weather Links for Ireland
Ireland enjoys a temperate maritime climate. This is due to it's unique position in the Atlantic Ocean and it's proximity to the Gulf stream.  Here are a variety of links to weather forecast sites and met data locations so that you can always take the weather with you.
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  Frank Singleton's excellent educational Weather Site
Met Eireann
Irish Meteorological Office
Irish Sea Area Forecast
Covers the 32 county coast to 30 miles off shore.
Irish Sea Area Forecast Book
Download and print your own forecast charts for the Met Eireann Sea Area. pdf format
Rainfall radar
Coastal reports and Sea Crossing Forecasts
Isobar, Rainfall, Cloud and Temperature charts
3 hour forecasts (1 hPa isobars, rainfall and isotachs)
Offshore data buoys M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 and Marathon Gas Field from the Irish Marine Institute
Offshore buoys chart.
Coastal buoys from the BBC Met Office
Atlantic and Coastal buoys from NOAA
Offshore and Coastal Buoys from Weather Underground
UK Met Office The UK Shipping Forecast
Coastal Forecast to 12 miles offshore, including Lough Foyle to Carlingford Lough.

Just for the fun of it:  Listen to humourist Les Dawson's Shipping Forecast,
read by Brian Perkins of the BBC (wma file)
Dun Laoghaire Harbour Current weather conditions
Weather Underground Current reports from IRL airports, weather stations
Windguru offers three day wind forecast
Windfinder offers seven day wind forecast
XCWeather offers seven day forecast
Metcheck seven day forecast
Magic Seaweed Animated synoptic forecast
Passage Weather Click the map -- North Atlantic then Ireland UK 7 day forecasts
16-day forecast -- select chart type = UK Wind Speed/Dir
Weather Online Synoptic Charts for 16 days -- select Wind 10M then choose day or date.
Satellites Meteo France
Meteosat 7 current pressure, vis, wind speed.
Infrared from Met Eireann
Visible from Met Eireann
Animated recent satellite
Synoptic charts Current Atlantic Synoptic Chart
Atlantic 6 to 120 hours ahead (UK Met Bracknell)
BBC five day Atlantic synoptic charts
Windfinder fronts, cloud cover, pressure.
US Navy Surface Pressure Overlay