Boat maintenance and repair

GRP and Epoxy


West System epoxy

West System User Guides -- helpfully informative Epoxyworks is an excellent and readable "How To" magazine
Epiglass System epoxy Product data sheet
SP Systems epoxy Excellent collection of user guides and data sheets
International Paint  


Dinghy Repairs

step by step, illustrated

Repair to Laser Daggerboard Lots of step by step photos.
Repair a hole in a Laser hull
How to apply sail numbers on a Laser Sail step by step, illustrated, pdf file
Fireball 14150 Dogbolter rebuild
How to repair a Fireball dinghy big hole in sandwich construction hull
Repair to Fireball dinghy Dogbolter bad bang to the bow
Repair to Fireball dinghy 14719 A makeover is needed.
Repair to Fireball dinghy 14877 Damage to the starboard chine.
Repair to Fireball dinghy 14894 another bad bang to the bow!
Repair to Fireball centreboard trailing edge
Repair a rudder tip for a Fireball dinghy racer
Repair a rudder tip for an Olympic 470 dinghy

Secret Laser stuff

Laser Vela Grey Gelcoat manufactured by Ashland Inc
Code: ENGUARD GE20440SA Gray
It is pre-pigmented gelcoat, sold in small tubs by Laser Performance at an exorbitant price. 
A close alternative is Scott Bader Crystic Gelcoat pigment grey code 6939.
RAL code for spray paint is 7035.

The pink or grey goop that glues the hull to the deck is Crystic Crestomer
manufactured by Scott Bader -- link to pdf


Laser SB3 Maintenance

Add lead to the keel
Gunwhale repair
A peek inside our boat
Adding lead instead of an engine
Replace a broken bow sprit
Rusty rudder bolts
Rudder Repair
  Beneteau First 31.7 Log of modifications and repairs
  Repair to a Quarter Tonner rudder -- very wet inside
  Installing ForeSpar Flowtech Marelon thru hull valves

Yanmar 2GM20 diesel engine Service Manual (pdf file 1.5mb) (in the Cloud at
and Workshop Manual (pdf file 66mb) (in the Cloud and divshare)

Ropes and Ropework

Marlow Ropes

UK rope maker with a Splicing guide in pdf format

New England Ropes

from America, with a Splicing Guide

Samson Ropes

from America, with a Splicing guide

Corderie Lancelin

French, suppliers to Beneteau
Rope Cutter Excellent tool

Animated Knots

Excellent illustrated tutorials

Rope Splicing
Colligo Marine splicing videos


Dry Suit repairs in Dublin Jean Brady  Dry Suit Repairs
199 New Vale Cottages
Library Road
Co. Dublin

tel 087 204 3356

Experts Speak

David Pascoe American boat and yacht surveyor, with many words of wisdom and advice.
Brion Toss all about standing and running rigging.

Boat Builders

Hobie Cat Europe on-line parts diagrams for sourcing spares.
Hobie Forums useful info from other cat sailors world wide.
Laser Boats Performance Sailcraft UK, spares for Lasers

Spanner Sizes    
5mm M2.5
5.5mm M3
7mm M4
8mm M5
10mm M6
13mm M8
17mm M10
19mm M12
22mm M14
24mm M16
27mm M18
All about spanners
Links to other suppliers and several "How To's"