Speed and Smarts

archive of articles by David Dellenbaugh

Basic Principles of Strategy

Check Out the Course Geometry

Donít take unnecessary chances

Help Yourself by Hailing

How to pick the Favoured End

Characteristics of Marks

Learn and Win

Wind shadows and apparent wind


Figure Out the Wind Patterns

Windshifts -- How to calculate gain and loss upwind
Strategies for Oscillating Shifts

How to Carve Out Your Spot On the Line

Develop a Quick "Paw"!

Go for it on the Second Beat
Beat your competition to the finish


Lessons from the Jibe Mark

Pick a Fast Angle for Running
Wind Shadows and Apparent Wind

New Rules For the Millennium

Edition 12 (pdf)
Trim your main for speed on runs
Talk with your team mates

Learn the finer points of the new racing rules

Locate Your Weight


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