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    Carbon crunch

    August 29, 2007

    On the right: a new carbon bowsprit (gennaker pole) by Selden. On the left, the old one which broke when I stuck into another boat, snagging it between the bottlescrews. The other boat was going upwind, I was sailing downwind. Fortunately, it was a light wind race and nobody on the other boat was hurt. Try to figure the odds that the sprit would enter the small gap between the other boat’s starboard shroud bottlescrews and snap in two.


    I think I shall find a blackboard and write 100 times:
    “I will always keep my eyes open when racing.”

    How to fit a new pole is here.

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    One Response to “Carbon crunch”

    1. A crew Says:
      August 31st, 2007 at

      Ok, focus on the negative if you must. On the positive side you did come 2nd in the first race of the day, and it was oh-so nearly your 1st bullet of the season!