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    The Friday Oops!

    October 9, 2009

    This boat drop apparently happened last January in  Puerto de Campana, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The boat is said to be an Altamar 64 and was being loaded onto the ship for transport to Dubai.

    Here is what the new owner was, no doubt, looking forward to, except the de rigeur bikini babe on the bow is probably not allowed in his home waters.

    altamar 64 motor yacht

    This Argentine newspaper website offers details in Spanish.  As in all such incidents, the lawyers are busy making money.  There seem to be two parallel problems:  Who pays for the loss of the boat and who pays to recover the hulk from the bottom of the river.

    Google Translate provided this:
    Dubai is one of seven emirates that paradise is situated on the Gulf coast. The city, considered the world’s financial centers, has some of the most expensive real estate developments in the world, a complex of artificial islands, white sand beach where the water temperature is 28 ° C and its color from blue turquoise blue sapphire, and is crisscrossed by a large bay, where ships are multiplying. Went there a millionaire’s yacht ellujoso Arabic, made by Argentine shipyard Altamar SA, the town of San Fernando, until an incredible accident in the port of Campana frustrated the trip before it started and the ship went to pieces the brown waters of the Parana River. Since then, it sparked a battle unprecedented in that no one wants to take over the sunken yacht.

    It happened on Saturday 24 January, at a terminal at the port of Campana, when the ship was boarded the freighter that would take him to Dubai. Suddenly, something went wrong: the yacht valued at several million dollars fell off of the crane  into the water turned and disappeared into the river. ” “I can not believe …, I can not believe,” distraught and in shock threw one of the operators of the cargo ship that was filming the proceedings.

    Today, at 7 months of the episode, this video is part of an elaborate fight that may end in the courts of the bell. The exporting company, shipping company, the owner of the yacht, the shipyard and the insurance companies fight now involved through their lawyers to determine who was at fault for the accident. If mediation fails, go to trial. From the company that built the boat point to the terminal and the cargo ship, while in the port say the center of gravity of the yacht was badly signposted.

    The legal conflict. The incident occurred in the spring Maripasa company, which depends Euroamerica Port Complex, a firm formed by domestic and foreign capital dedicated to providing a comprehensive service for foreign trade. Sources assured signature that is not yet determined the responsibility for the “sinister”, as defined by the fact, which are untied. “Apparently, the center of gravity was not well marked,” they argue.

    Another party is the Yatchs Offshore SA shipyard, which built the craft. From the San Fernando-based company told in this environment that never had happened so, so “we are putting the chest to the bullets” they say. The issue, they explain, is in the hands of lawyers and in a mediation process that could end in a trial. “Somebody is going to take care,” say, while pointing to one of two cranes lifted the ship, went over and took a dive boat.

    The Prefecture has developed a research around the millionaire yacht confusing episode. This medium is contacted Campana dependence inteviene in fact, but provided no further details because the case is under administrative proceedings. “There is a legal dispute between the company up the yacht and who built it,” simply stated.

    Yacht sunk. The sunken ship was a yacht built by Sixty four Yatchs Offshore SA shipyard in the town of San Fernando. The sunken vessel was identical to that which would have the former Transportation Secretary Ricardo Jaime, as contained in a complaint filed by attorney Henry Piragini.

    The Sixty four yard is defined as “a luxury machine to the sea, to live and to go places”, which blends functionality with beauty, ammonia, comfort and good taste. It has a jacuzzi and marble counter, home theater and plasma television, dishwasher, washer and dryer, solarium, barbecue, icemaker, four cabins and two bathrooms, among other services.

    When the divers located the boat on the river bottom and the Prefecture him out of the water, everything was destroyed. “It was good for nothing,” lamented one of the directors of the Offshore shipyard, which was commissioned to clarify that the owner of the yacht’s relationship is on good terms, pending an official.

    Not quite as dramatic as this boat drop from 2007.

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