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    Dubarry of Ireland

    September 29, 2007

    I love my Dubarry boots and my Dubarry boat shoes. An impressive and successful Irish company prominent on the world stage.

    They care about their product. Today on’s Scuttlebutt forum, English sailor Tom Frame posted about how he received a free pair of new boots:

    After this news item I received a phone call a week later from Dubarry and they simply asked how I was and what size boot I was, 2 days later I received a brand new pair. Now thats amazing service in this day and age – as soon as I am able to sail again I would have bought a new pair myself. Bowled me over completely, good on them and they are great boots.”

    Tom had broken his leg just after the start of this year’s windy Fastnet.  Upon arrival at hospital, doctors sliced his Dubarry boot in half to remove it prior to treatment.

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