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    October 25, 2009

    Over the years, I’ve done the foredeck on a variety of boats, from Ruffian 23 to J24 to Benny 31.7 and 36.7.  It’s always a challenge, good fun, but hard work.

    At the windward mark, I’m so busy I don’t see any of the boat on boat close contact as I set the pole and sneak the tack and hoist the kite.

    At the leeward mark, I’m so busy hoisting the jib/genoa, dropping the pole, gathering the kite, tidying lines that I miss any close boat on boat manoeuvers, but I get to hear afterwards all manner of self-congratulatory comments from the back of the boat.  And, I get to hear all manner of accusatory yelps if anything untoward happens on the foredeck.

    Hence, I have always thought of the front of the boat as Adventureland, while the back of the boat is Fantasyland.  The guys in the middle?  They are stuck in Wonderland.

    A poster’s signature on Sailing Anarchy offers this brilliant take on the front of the boat:

    “Good day and thank you for calling the foredeck. Right now all our friendly foredeck staff are busy packing spinnakers or helping other crew members.

    Please press:
    one for a headsail change…
    two for a spinnaker peel…
    three for a windward douse..
    four for a leeward douse..
    five for a hoist…
    six for a gybe…
    or leave us a message and one of our courteous bow-people will get back to you as soon as possible.
    In a hurry? No problem! Simply email your request to and we will respond within twenty four boat lengths.
    For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit:

    Thanks again and have a good race.”

    Credit to SA poster Cats Rule.

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