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    Sports Council funding for high performance sailors

    February 18, 2010

    The Irish Sports Council has released details of its €2.65 million high performance grants.  That sum will be divided amongst 273 top athletes in 20 different sports.

    Irish sailors are included:

    Peter O’Leary — Star — World Class — €20,000  (€12,000 in 2009)
    Annalise Murphy —  Laser Radial — World Class — €20,000
    Tiffany Brien — Laser Radial — €12,000
    Matthew McGovern — 49er — €12,000  (€12,000 in 2009)
    Ryan Seaton — 49er — €12,000
    Ger Owens — 49er — €12,000
    Developmental Squad — €50,000  (€50,000 in 2009)
    Junior Squad — €48,000  (€60,000 in 2009)
    Total €186,000  (€186,000 in 2009)

    There will be a number of battles amongst the sailors en route to Weymouth for the 2012 Olympics.  Ireland will need to qualify as a country for inclusion and then determine a fair method to choose who represents us.   Annalise Murphy and Tiffany Brien will go head to head in the Laser Radial, while Star Wars the Re-Run will feature Max Treacy and Anthony Shanks against Peter O’Leary and his yet to be named crew.

    For the 49er class, double Olympians Ger Owens and Ross Killian (formerly in the 470 class) will square up against Matt McGovern and Ryan Seaton, who finished fifth in the silver fleet at the recent Worlds in the Bahamas, while youngsters Ed Butler and Ben Lynch may nip at their transoms.

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