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    Buffy out, Luffy in

    March 4, 2010

    The Stena fast ferry Lynx III arrived in Dun Laoghaire from Holyhead for the first time this afternoon, a test run before scheduled daily service begins on 15 March.

    Stena Lynx III ferry

    The docking was followed by the sound of angle grinders trying to make the car bridge and the pedestrian bridge fit the ferry.  No lorries or buses will be carried.

    Stena withdrew the much larger Explorer ferry from its once a day service back in November .  Powered by aviation gas turbines, she was known as the Big Ugly ‘effing Ferry and stank of kerosene in the harbour since the service’s introduction in April 1996.

    Apparently, Stena plans to return the Explorer to the route in July and August.

    It would seem the Royal St. George will lose at least two trots of moorings for the fleet of Squib sailboats to make way for the Lynx ferry, the Little Ugly ‘effing Ferry.  The 81 metre long Luffy was built in 1996 by Incat in Australia and travels across the Irish Sea at 38 knots.

    She banged hard into a pontoon bridge at Holyhead a few weeks ago whilst practising docking.  Details here.

    The vessel arrived at St Michael’s Pier bang on the top of today’s afternoon high tide and her water jets kicked up a tremendous amount of silt as seen below.  The boat in the foreground is the George’s barge, used for laying and lifting moorings in the harbour.

    Stena LynxIII ferry 2

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