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    The Friday Oops!

    9 October 2009

    This boat drop apparently happened last January in  Puerto de Campana, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The boat is said to be an Altamar 64 and was being loaded onto the ship for transport to Dubai.

    Here is what the new owner was, no doubt, looking forward to, except the de rigeur bikini babe on the bow is probably not allowed in his home waters.

    altamar 64 motor yacht

    This Argentine newspaper website offers details in Spanish.  As in all such incidents, the lawyers are busy making money.  There seem to be two parallel problems:  Who pays for the loss of the boat and who pays to recover the hulk from the bottom of the river.

    Google Translate provided this:
    Dubai is one of seven emirates that paradise is situated on the Gulf coast. The city, considered the world’s financial centers, has some of the most expensive real estate developments in the world, a complex of artificial islands, white sand beach where the water temperature is 28 ° C and its color from blue turquoise blue sapphire, and is crisscrossed by a large bay, where ships are multiplying. Went there a millionaire’s yacht ellujoso Arabic, made by Argentine shipyard Altamar SA, the town of San Fernando, until an incredible accident in the port of Campana frustrated the trip before it started and the ship went to pieces the brown waters of the Parana River. Since then, it sparked a battle unprecedented in that no one wants to take over the sunken yacht.

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    Howth to host 2011 J24 Europeans

    8 October 2009

    J24 Europeans, Poole, September 2006

    J24 Europeans, Poole, September 2006

    Howth Yacht Club has been awarded the rights to host the J/24 European Championship in 2011 by the International J/24 Class Association at its World Council Meeting (WCM) in Malmo, Sweden, last weekend. The Club was invited to make the bid by the Irish J/24 Class Association and it received full support from the Irish Sailing Association.

    The HYC bid, drafted and presented on the Club’s behalf by PR Officer Graham Smith, was unanimously accepted by the delegates representing some 25 nations at the annual WCM. The Irish J/24 Class Association President Robin Eagleson, who formally lodged the application, was delighted with the outcome.

    A second bid, to host the J/24 Worlds two years later, was also received favourably and although a vote won’t take place until next year’s WCM, it is understood that this is merely a formality and that HYC will now have two additional international events to plan and organise in the next four years.

    The J/24 is the biggest and most widespread one-design keelboat class in the world with fleets in 32 countries and is sailed in half a dozen bases in Ireland. HYC will, of course, be hosting the Etchells World Championships next year and the two J/24 events form part of a club strategy to attract major regattas to Howth on a regular basis in the future.

    With this in mind, the Club is forging a partnership arrangement with local traders, tourism interests, community council and hotels, bars and restaurants to ensure that local festivals and attractions can be co-ordinated around such major events for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

    The Club will also host the J24 National Championships in September 2010 as part of the build-up to the Europeans the following year and in conjunction with the Irish J/24 Class Association will host the Class’s World Council Meeting in Howth in 2012.

    Enjoy Howth Logo

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    Nin in again, dad just behind

    28 September 2009

    Nicholas O’Leary is the All Ireland Sailing Champion for the second year in a row and his dad Anthony is again in second place.

    Nicholas O'Leary, winning champion for the second year in a  row of the All Ireland Sailing Championship, holds the trophy aloft.  Pic shows L. to R. Mike MacCarthy Admiral RCYC, Ed Alcock Racing Manager ISA, Nicholas O'Leary Winner,Peter Crowley, President ISA, Marty O'Leary and Adam McCarthy winning crew members.  Photo Robert Bateman

    Nicholas O’Leary, winning champion for the second year in a  row of the All Ireland Sailing Championship, holds the trophy aloft.  Pic shows L. to R. Mike MacCarthy Admiral RCYC, Ed Alcock Racing Manager ISA, Nicholas O’Leary Winner,Peter Crowley, President ISA, Marty O’Leary and Adam McCarthy winning crew members.  Photo Robert Bateman

    Nicholas O’Leary (Royal Cork Yacht Club) retains his title as ISA All Ireland Sailing Champion

    Junior Champion is Matthew O’Dowd from the Royal St George Yacht

    Diana Kissane (Howth Yacht Club) is 2009 GIRL Champion

    The ISA All Ireland Sailing Championship took place at the Royal Cork Yacht Club this weekend (25th – 27th Sept in very light winds however that didn’t prevent the race committee from completing the regatta.

    The 2009 ISA All Ireland Sailing Champion is Nicholas O’Leary, from the Royal Cork Yacht Club for the second year running. In 2008 he was also the recipient of the First Timer GP14 Award and previous to that he won the Student Yachting World Championship, when representing Cork Institute of Technology in La Rochelle, France.

    His father, Anthony O’Leary was second overall, which incidentally was the same result for both of them at the 2008 Championship. Both O’Leary’s are members of the Royal Cork Yacht Club and provided a battle royal between the pair throughout the weekend.

    In third place, despite winning the final two races, was Ben Duncan from New Zealand. The Howth Yacht Club member will also take home the GP14 1st Timer Trophy.

    The overall results are as follows:

    Place – Sailor – Representing – Club
    1st Nicholas O’Leary – 2008 All Ireland Champion, RCYC
    2nd Anthony O’Leary (father of Nicholas) – 1720 class, RCYC
    3rd Ben Duncan – Laser SB3 Class, HYC
    4th John Driscoll – Squib Class, RNIYC
    5th Paul McMahon – Laser Class, HYC
    6th Colin Chapman – National 18 Class, RCYC
    7th David Dwyer – ICRA 0, RCYC
    8th Tim Corcoran – GP14 Class, SYC

    Close encounter of a different kind.  Anthony O’Leary with crew Maurice (Prof) O’Connell and Tom Durcan, leads his son Nicholas (defending Champion) with crew Adam McCarthy and Marty O’Leary at the weather mark in Race 2 of Flight one of the ISA All Ireland Sailing Championship at Crosshaven yesterday. Photo Robert Bateman.

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    The Friday Oops! 25 Sept 2009

    25 September 2009

    San Diego, I think.

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    NCB Ireland — Never Coming Back

    22 September 2009

    That was the epithet for Ireland’s first foray into the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989.  Now known as Athina and for sale in Barbados for $380,000.

    I took these pictures as the the boat was being moved from the Ballymun factory where it was built to the south side of the Liffey to be launched.

    Passing Christ Church early on Sunday Morning, 30 November 1988.

    Getting wet on the South Quay, keel was considered to be “novel” and was covered from view.

    Here’s what the Irish Times reported about the launch:

    ONE FROM THE ARCHIVE NCB IRELAND: Ronan Foster reported on the official launch of Ireland’s entry into the round the world yacht race for The Irish Times on December 1st, 1988

    “THIS IS a boat that needs no apologies and no excuses. It can win the race,” the international sailing guru from Cork, Harold Cudmore, said at the launching yesterday of the 82-foot long, high-technology Maxi class racing yacht that will carry Irish hopes in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race next September.

    By the time it is race-ready, NCB Ireland, as the boat is rather unimaginatively named, will have cost £1.4 million to build and another £2.6 million will have been spent on incidentals, such as crewing and transport.

    National City Brokers, Aer Lingus, the ESB and Irish Distillers have dug deep into their corporate pockets for the money, but if the Irish boat can come home ahead of the other 38 entrants they will consider it well spent.

    Everybody at yesterday’s launching, when NCB Ireland was lowered gently into the Liffey by crane, was full of confidence that Ireland could win.
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    Asgard II to Stay Sunk

    8 February 2009

    “The national sail training vessel Asgard II is to remain in its watery grave in the Bay of Biscay off the coast of France after it sank mysteriously last September.”

    That was journalist Don Lavery writing in today’s Sunday Independent.  Read it here.


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    Green Dragon Arrives in Qiangdao

    1 February 2009

    The Irish-Chinese backed Green Dragon arrives at the finishing-line at the end of leg 4 from Singapore to China in the Volvo Ocean Race at Qingdao.

    Guo Chuan, crew-member on Irish-Chinese backed Green Dragon and the first-ever Asian participant at the finish of leg 4 from Singapore to China in the Volvo Ocean Race at Qingdao.

    The Irish-Chinese backed Green Dragon team at the finish of leg 4 from Singapore to China in the Volvo Ocean Race at Qingdao.  Photographs: David Branigan | Oceansport

    More information at the Green Dragon Website.

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    Petition to Raise Asgard II

    28 January 2009

    Afloat magazine has established an on-line petition asking Minister for Defense Willie O’Dea to pull his finger out and raise the ship from the French seabed.

    Click here to view and join the hundreds of names already online.

    Asgard II sailing in the Mersey with one of sculptore Anthony Gormley’s mighty men in the foreground.

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    I stole this sign in 1969

    20 January 2009

    Nothing to do with sailing, but given the day, what the hey!

    Forty years ago, no parking for Richard Nixon’s inauguration.  I was at University then.

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    In the Marina, yesterday…

    9 January 2009

    Two degrees Celsius, nil breeze.

    Today, The Irish Times reports:

    “The tide seems to have come in for Michael Chadwick’s investment in Dún Laoghaire Marina. This is judging by the latest accounts for his company, Marina Marketing Management Ltd, which runs the 800-berth facility that opened in 2001.

    Accumulated profits almost doubled to €920,525 in the 12 months to the end of March 2008 from €491,828 a year earlier, according to the abridged accounts.

    Its borrowings, however, shot up to €6.5 million from €3.4 million in the previous year, no doubt to pay for a major extension that added 300 berths to the facility.

    The borrowings from Bank of Scotland (Ireland) are secured by a fixed and floating (no pun intended) charge over its assets, which stood at a little more than €6 million last March.

    The accounts also show that Marina Marketing Management paid rent and a share of turnover totalling €906,018 to a subsidiary called Karnool, which is also controlled by Chadwick.

    No clue is given as to the company’s trading performance since its year end but with the economy no longer awash with cash, Chadwick must be nervous about the year ahead, especially as berth leases are up for annual renewal on April 1st.”

    What’s the guess for percentage price rise?

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